Choosing a therapist can be a little confusing.
Here's some information about me to help you decide if I'm the right therapist for you.

Hi, I’m Amy Johnson. I’m a licensed psychotherapist, working with clients in Maryland and Washington, DC.

You’re reading this because you’re thinking about getting some help – or looking for the right therapist to help you – because you’re dealing with a major life transition, a moment of truth, maybe a time of agonizing grief.

(All of those are part of being human, after all. I’ve been there, too.)

And whether the changes and transitions you’re facing are good, bad, unexpected, necessary, unwelcome, amazing, or terrifying – they can be really difficult to navigate.

What I’m deeply committed to – and love most about the work I do with my clients – is not only offering you real tools and useful support, and a place to think and feel and say what you might not be able to say elsewhere  – but also seeing you become more empowered, develop a better understanding of yourself, and get to where you are navigating and creating the life you want.

As a trained and experienced psychotherapist (I have a Master’s degree from Howard University, and am a DC and Maryland licensed psychotherapist), I know a lot about assisting people like you moving through grief and growing from it, journeying through big changes and coming out with greater clarity and strength and joy, and developing new ways of moving through life creatively and with vitality.

I offer compassionate, clear, whole-person psychotherapy and counseling for all of the transitions life brings – including (but certainly not limited to):

  • grief and loss
  • difficult or abusive relationships
  • infertility or pregnancy loss
  • career stress and changes
  • addiction and substance overuse
  • needs related to medical care and crisis
  • end-of-life issues
  • chronic illness
  • death of a loved one, including overdose and suicide
  • changing roles within a relationship
  • sex and couples therapy



I am:

A trauma-informed therapist: I am attentive and sensitive to how a range of experiences over your life impacts your choices, behaviors, and coping mechanisms, from a whole-person perspective, and am trained and experienced in working with all of that in mind.

An LGBTQ-affirming therapist: I’m not just “LGBTQ-friendly”, which usually means “accepting” someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity.  Being LGBTQ-affirming means that beyond just acceptance, I work with gender, sexual, and relationship minorities from the perspective that your experiences, families, and identities are absolutely equal in value to those of heterosexual and cisgender counterparts.

A culturally sensitive, and culturally competent therapist: I’m highly trained, skilled, and experienced in working in psychotherapy with a range of culturally diverse clients. Depending on your culture, beliefs, and experiences, it might be more helpful if we tailor therapy for a better, more congruent fit (still adhering to professional ethics and standards, of course). I respect a wide variety of cultures and beliefs, because I believe that this leads to more effective therapy, and a more positive outcome – plus, a better world.



  • District of Columbia licensed psychotherapist (LICSW)
  • Maryland licensed psychotherapist (LCSW-C)
  • Master’s degree (MSW) – Howard University
  • Bachelor’s degree (BA) – Fayetteville State University, Sociology
  • Advanced certification in counseling for hospice and palliative care (Advanced Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Social Worker, or ACHP-SW)
  • Certification in grief counseling (Grief Counselor - Certified, or GC-C)
  • Extensive and diverse experience with adults and the elderly
  • Post-graduate coursework: University of Maryland's Violence, Torture and Trauma certificate program
  • Post-graduate work with University of Maryland's MS in Palliative Care
  • Clinical supervisor for other therapists
  • Public speaking on aging, end-of-life, and bereavement issues



  • National Association of Social Workers (NASW)
  • Greater Washington Society Clinical Social Work
    • Member of the Education Committee
    • Member of the Diversity Committees
    • Co-chair of the Brown Bag program, providing learning experiences for clinicians
  • National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
  • Association for Death Education and Counseling
  • American Institute of Health Care Professionals
  • International Employee Assistance Professionals (EAP) Association